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A Year 2 Class Post

Spring 1 Week 4

This week as writers we have used the text ‘That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’ to help us write our own recounts imagining we were Stanley (the rabbit) in the story. We have published our recounts and are really looking forward to sharing them with you in our Spring term outcome!

As mathematicians we have been introduced to the ÷ symbol and  have learnt that we can divide by grouping or by sharing equally. We have also started learning our 2x tables.

As Religious learners we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to St Mark’s church. We learnt why Christians go to church, had a tour of the church and also explored the different Christian features there. Some of us even got a chance to play the organ and ring the bell!  A very big thank you to the parent helpers who made our trip possible!

As Historians we have continued learning about Christopher Columbus. We explored what happened when Columbus landed in North America and then argued if we thought his discovery had a positive or negative impact on the world.


“Columbus found lots of new foods” – Darci

“He discovered a place that no one in Europe knew existed.” – Ida


“They enslaved the native Americans.” – Sebbie

“People died on the ships” – Jack




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