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A Year 2 Class Post

Spring 2 Week 4 – Science Week!

This week as writers we have read the text Traction Man and have been using it to help us revise different sentence types (statements, questions, commands and exclamations) and word types (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs).

Traction Man Is Here (Traction Man, 1): Amazon.co.uk: Grey, Mini: 9780099451099: Books


As mathematicians we have been developing our weighing skills by learning how to measure mass in grams and kilograms. We used the pan balances and weights to help us compare mass and find the totals mass of different objects.

As scientists we have thoroughly enjoyed Science week! Each day we explored a science fact of the day and a scientist of the day! We also got to conduct the experiments ‘bridge blunder’ and ‘fantastic fingerprints’.

For bridge blunder we were set the challenge of building a bridge with just 5 pieces of paper and tape in small groups! We then placed weights on top of the bridge. We had multiple bridges that were able to hold 2kg!!


For the experiment fantastic fingerprints we explored our fingerprints by printing them and then using our observation skills to determine if we had a whorl, loop or arch fingerprint.

In Hawthorn class, SOMEBODY had stolen Mrs Easton’s beloved chocolate. We investigated by being scientists that examined carefully people’s finger prints. (The chocolate bar had a clear finger print on it!) Finally, we discovered it was Miss Mai as her finger print was identical – a perfect match!

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