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A Year 2 Class Post

Spring 2 Week 4

What a fantastic week Year 2 have had!

As writers we have read the text On the Way Home and noticed the recurring literary language throughout it. We have then explored the different sentence types throughout the text of statements, questions, commands and exclamations and written our own types of sentences based on the story.

On the Way Home : Murphy, Jill: Amazon.co.uk: Books


As mathematicians we have started learning about fractions. We started by understanding what a half is and then found halves of amounts. We then started learning about what a quarter is so that next week we can find quarters of amounts.


As designers we have learnt some different sewing techniques to help us when we create our puppets. The children learnt how to thread a needle, tie a knot, how to do a running stitch, over stitch and some of us even learnt how to sew a button on! We can’t wait to use this skill to help us make our puppets next week!

In PSHE we have been exploring different types of medicine and how to stay safe using it. We created our own medicine safety leaflets which we are excited to share with you at outcome.

As geographers we have continued exploring the oceans of the world. We focused on the Atlantic and Southern Oceans, learning about their location and their physical features. We loved finding out about the sea creatures that live there (e.g. emperor penguins live in the southern ocean).




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