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A Year 2 Class Post

Spring 2 Week 6 Outcome!

Thank you to everyone that came to our outcome evening. We hope you enjoyed having the chance to look at the amazing learning that has gone on in Year 2 and throughout the whole school.

Below are photos of each area of learning showed at the outcome. The children have had a wonderful term, demonstrating curious minds as they learn and develop new skills in all areas of the curriculum.

As designers, we explored, planned and developed our own ideas to create own very own puppet for the story of ‘This rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’. The children developed their sewing techniques and also used skills such as cutting and gluing fabric. The children then evaluated their puppet, reflecting on what they really liked about their end product and what they would like to improve when they next partake in their sewing venture!

As artists, we learnt about famous sculptors, such as Anthony Gormley. We explored and developed our own sculpting skills and techniques to produce a real life form using air dough. The children used tools safely and made changes and improvements to their sculpture. We also made sculptures using pipe cleaners, working carefully in pairs to follow instructions. The children then moved onto create kinetic sculptures, developing their cutting, joining, and measuring skills.

As scientists, we have been exploring materials and their properties. The children have developed a range of new vocabulary to describe properties of materials and can talk confidently about the suitability of materials for certain subjects and explain why. We learnt a lot about plastic and the children came up with some terrific ideas for re-using plastic, including using plastic bottles for pencil holders and bird feeders.

As Geographers, we have been learning about the world’s oceans and their relating facts. Year 2 learnt all about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the children worked in groups to design and make posters about the importance of looking after our oceans. We also created calligram poems about sea creatures, transferring some of our learning in Geography to our English lessons.

As historians, we have been learning about two famous explorers: Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We explored the main events and the impact these explorers have had. The children created excellent pop up posters to show how they compared the two explorers.

As healthy learners, we have been learning about what we can do to stay healthy and happy. We learnt about the importance of keeping calm and relaxed, exercising and eating well. The children could sort foods into different food groups and could recognise which foods we need to eat more or less of and why. We developed our own healthy snack and the children loved making their fruit kebab ‘pick me up’ snack! The children demonstrated excellent chopping and peeling skills too.

As religious learners, we learnt about the Easter story this term. The children re-enacted Palm Sunday and through this they developed their empathising and reflection skills. The children then created a calligram poem to show what they had learnt Holy Week, applying lots of the new vocabulary they had learnt.

What a brilliant term of learning we have had! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in the Summer term.

Mrs Easton and Miss Riste


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