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A Year 5 Class Post

Springing into PE Week

After an energising run around the outskirts of the school at the start of the day, the children then had a trampolining session. After some safety tips and warm-ups, they each had a turn at jumping, seat-landing and zombie landing before the real fun started.

As one group was trying their hardest to bounce their partner out of an inflatable ring, the other was flying high as the instructor supported each child to leap rather spectacularly into the air.


“We were split into two groups. I was with Mr Webb and we played five games. My favourite was when he bounced us really high.” Lydia

“I found the activity very exciting because I rarely do trampolining. ” Grace

“I liked trampolining – it was fun. When we did the doughnut, Cerys flipped me over!” Harvey

“It was fun because we were doing very high jumps.” Lucas

“I loved it, especially when I tipped Harvey over in the doughnut. ” Cerys

“I enjoyed the game where I nearly touched the ceiling, and the one where if you touch an animal you’re out. ” Noah

“I really enjoyed trampolining apart from when I flew out of the doughnut!” Pablo

“I enjoyed it but I was terrified that I might be badly injured. ” Claude.

(NB – all the children were constantly reminded of the safety rules and the instructors were fully trained. There were no injuries).
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