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A Year 6 Class Post

Spruce Pupil Voice 5th November 2021

Happy Bonfire Night!

Today, Spruce would like to share their thoughts about what we have been learning this week.

As Geographers, we have “shown our existing knowledge of South America and then identified the countries using a variety of maps. We then described the location of those countries and noted the populations of towns and cities in those countries.” Dexter and Joshua.

As Scientists, we “studied electricity and showed our knowledge through a quiz.”Jack

As writers, we “read about the conditions soldiers faced during the first world war and wrote our own poems based on the style of the War poets.” Zuzu

When studying RE, we “have focused on the six key concepts of the Christian Faith: Annunciation, Incarnation, Temptation, Resurrection, Salvation, Ascension.” Emily

As mathematicians, we “have been studying fractions and mixed numbers. We have been able to identify equivalent fractions, we simplified fractions and turned mixed numbers to improper fractions.” Max, Jamal, Joshua, Annie.

In our Jigsaw lesson, we “studied prejudice and discrimination and discussed how we could celebrate differences.” Verity.

In PE, we used our social skills to “improve our tactics and leadership skills.” Seb and Annie.

In computing, we “used coding and editing skills to improve and complete our games on Purple Mash.” Harry

We also read “A House like no other” by Alexandra Sheppard and showed our appreciation of the story through written pupil voice.

In addition to all the above, we have had the opportunity to participate in netball club, football club, table tennis club, lunch buddying and play leading and School Council!


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