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A Year 6 Class Post

Spruce’s thoughts for the week.

Here are some thoughts from Spruce about this week.

This week in year 6, we have been doing lots of fun learning and we have really enjoyed it. (Emily)

In DT, we have tasted modern day types of cakes and then went on to make our own cakes based on a war time recipe. (Max)

I can’t believe that we went through the process of making cakes and them actually being there, ready for us  to eat. (Stanley)

I was really surprised that you could make so many cakes with such a small amount of ingredients. (Maya and Grace)

I really liked how worked together to decide on a recipe that we will be making in two weeks. (Mara)

The gymnastics was really fun because we worked in pairs to create an effective routine on the equipment. (Felicity)

It was good  to see each others’ routines. (Annabelle)

The multi-faith prayer rooms that we designed out of boxes were fun to design in a group. (Seb)

I liked seeing how everyone’s prayer rooms were different and one could be the complete polar opposite to the next. (Henry)

I really enjoyed Jigsaw as it gave us an understanding of gangs. (Dexter)

I liked how Neelam taught us Mindfulness because it was so peaceful and he taught us good ways to calm ourselves down. (Jamal and Jack)

I also enjoyed Neelam coming in and letting us lie down and relax. (Dan)

I enjoyed learning about line graphs in maths because I found it really interesting. (Emily)




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