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A Year 6 Class Post

Statistics fun in Maths

We have been completing our statistics topic in Maths this week. We have learned how to interpret data and how to draw our own pie charts.

Today we decided to put together all Mathematics learning together to create our own statistical investigations.

Children worked in groups to create their own research questions, these included questions such as:

Who is your favourite boxer?

What is your favourite shop?

What is your favourite sport?


They then collected their data and worked out how to use it to plot their own pie charts using this.  They thought carefully about the presentation of this work.


Some children completed extension tasks by finding the mean average and producing other graph types from their table of results.We have been pleased with the outcomes of this work and the great group participation in the lesson.  Many children have shown great pride in their work. Some of these are seen on display in our classrooms.

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