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A Year 4 Class Post

Stone Age Cave Drawings

As Historians this term, Year 4 have been learning about the Stone Age.  One aspect of Stone Age life that was of particular interest to the children was the use of cave art.  Through research and interpreting secondary sources of information, Year 4 learnt that the Stone Age was a period in history before any written or photographic records, and it is highly likely that cave art was created to help keep a record of important events and communicate messages to people.

Cave art would be made up of pictures and carvings, using paint made out of natural materials including: rocks, wood, bones, charcoal, animal fat, berries and water.  People would have used their fingertips or possibly brushes made with twigs and animal hair.  Some cave paintings feature hand shapes on the walls, which would have been made by blowing paint through tubes and using the hands as a stencil.

The children then created their own cave art to tell stories of what they believe life would have been like during the Stone Age.

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