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Struggling to Write

Hello again!  Having spoken to a few parents about the struggles they are having to get their children to write, I thought it might be helpful to write a short blog about this topic.  Writing is a life skill that we all need to learn how to do, however, we do not need to write every day; lots of us record using computers and therefore we should not forget to consider this as an option when supporting our children with their writing.  Whilst at home, it is a good time to teach your child the skill of touch typing (from Year 3 onwards is the ideal time to get started).  Here is a link to an advice sheet from the SpLD support team with lots of alternatives to writing for you to consider Alternatives to Writing.  They mention touch typing at the end.  I would like to add that BBC Dance Mat typing is a great programme, that is fun and free to access as well as English Type Junior (but this one has a cost).

I hope this advice helps you with supporting you child at home in some way.  Happy writing!

With very best wishes,

Mrs. Kenny

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