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A Year 2 Class Post

Summer 1 Week 3

This week as writers we have continued exploring the text Tiddalick the Frog but we have planned our own versions of the story, designing our own characters and what they might do to try and make the main character laugh. We are very excited to start writing our stories!

Tiddalick, the Greedy Frog: An Aboriginal Dreamtime Story (Fiction Readers) : Wu, Nicholas: Amazon.co.uk: Books

As mathematicians we have started learning about position and direction. We have started by describing the position of different objects using the vocabulary: left, right, forwards, backwards, above and below. We have enjoyed giving our partners commands to move them from one point in the classroom to another!

As scientists we have used our measuring skills to check the growth of our seeds! So far most of our seeds have started growing and some of them are already 5cm tall after only a week!

As geographers we have started our learning on climates and explored the different climates around the world. We learnt about polar, tropical and desert climates and used our atlases to find out where we can find these different climates. We also published our own books on climates which we are excited to share with you at the open evening next half term!

As digital learners we have enjoyed our topic of ‘creating pictures’. The children have explored and created their own digital art work based on pointillism and impressionism.

Th children have enjoyed the third week of their enrichment activity. Hawthorn loved getting into their dens to read their favourite stories on such a lovely, sunny day! Oak class enjoyed their hoola hoop disco to their favourite songs.





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