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A Year 1 Class Post

Summer Term Update

What a busy few weeks, Year 1!

In English, we explored the book The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad, which is a story about a little girl’s first hijab. We used thought tracking and freeze frames to explore the feelings of the children in the book. We wrote about the thoughts and feelings of the characters and used our punctuation skills to write questions for the characters.

Last week in English, we read the book The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas and wrote about how different colours make us feel. We then designed our own special outfit, thinking about these colours. We wrote about what special thing each part of our outfit could do, so that we could use it in our adventure story. We then story mapped our story and shared it with others so that we could memorise it. We are currently learning how to make E-books in computing, and are using these story maps to create our own.

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family: Muhammad, Ibtihaj, Ali, S.  K., Aly, Hatem: 9780316519007: Amazon.com: BooksThe Colour Monster by Anna Llenas | Waterstones

This week in English, we have been learning about non-fiction books. We have explored their features and are in the process of creating a report of our own by researching different animals.

We continued to work on our multiplication and division skills in maths, looking at equal groups, doubling and sharing. For the last two weeks we have been focussing on fractions. We have been halving and quartering shapes and quantities.

In Science, we have been exploring the features of different animal groups. We learnt about what makes a bird a bird what makes a mammal a mammal. When we were exploring what makes a fish a fish, we used our science observation and exploration skills on a whole fish. The children really enjoyed investigating its different features. We also sorted reptiles and amphibians and finally, used all of our animal knowledge to sort animals into their groups.

In Art, we have also had the theme of animals. We have learnt all about colour. We can now name the three primary colours and mix them to create secondary colours. We used this colour mixing skill to create an animal collage in the style of Eric Carle. We then went on to use our sketching skills to do observational drawings of the fish we used in science. We created some beautiful drawings using lots of different drawing techniques. Today, we used those drawings to create plastic recycled art in the style of Veronika Richterova.

Next Week:

  • We will be moving on to look at position and direction
  • We will be continuing our animal reports
  • We will make clay birds in art
  • In PE they will be continuing with their health and wellbeing unit
  • In RE we will be looking at different religious parables
  • We will be continuing with our E-books in computing
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