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A Year 3 Class Post

Summer Term Week 1 and 2

Welcome back after the Easter break!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been.

In English we have been exploring the adventure story of fantastic Mr Fox. We wrote some great character descriptions some of which have gone up in a display in the Gallery.

In Maths we have been doing Measurement – looking at Mass and Capacity. For one of the lessons we went outside with different containers and jugs so the children could show that they could measure, pour and read different measurements in ml.

In Art we’ve started a new project on creating our own moving pictures. After the warm up challenge of drawing with one continuous line and not taking our pencil off the page.

We looked at the drawn animations and how they had got their drawings to move. We are going to create moving animal puppets so we did some visual note taking and recorded different animals in our art books.

In Science we are in the middle of a science experiment where we  are testing and exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth.


Coming up next week:

  • The Kings Coronation celebration.
  • Maths – fractions
  • English – Non-chronological Reports about Pirates.
  • Science – Plants.
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