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A Year 5 Class Post

Summer term week 1

Year 5 – World War II and Peter Pan
This week there has been lots of exciting new projects taking off for our final half term of year 5!
Peter Pan
Our rehearsals, scenery and prop making and costume making has started in earnest. With the catchy songs from the play already mostly committed to memory, we have been watching the Year 5 and 6s take up their scripts and walk through their parts. The play is coming to life! There is lots of hard work ahead but we have hit the ground running and are off to a fantastic start.
English: Hitler’s Canary
We are linking our history and English this half term and learning about World War II, while reading ‘Hitler’s Canary’ by Sandi Toksvig. This is an exciting story about 2 children who become involved in the Resistance against the occupation by Nazi Germany, and will be a fantastic inspiration for when we write our own adventure stories later in the term.
We have been learning about the main events of the Second World War and how much of the world was divided up between the Allies and the Axis. Each class made a fantastic time line of the main events to help us remember the important dates.
This is important background for the novel we are reading in English for the next few weeks – ‘Hitler’s Canary’. This book is set in Denmark which was occupied by Nazi Germany. It is about a family who work in the theatre, and who have different opinions about how best to handle their situation. Bamse and his friend Anton help their older brother to steal a gun from some German soldiers enjoying their dinner in a cafe – but where will this new-found bravery take them next?
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