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A Year 2 Class Post

Super learning in Year 2 this week

Year 2 have had a great first week back after half term!

The children have been using their skills from their addition and subtraction learning to help them add two 2 digit numbers together using the column method. First they used the diennes to help them and then they had a go at the formal written method. We used the rules “first add the ones then add the tens” and “10 ones = 1 ten” to help us.


In English we have been learning about Australian Dreamtime stories and have read the story ‘Tiddalick the frog’. The children have started planning their own versions of the story by designing the characters and using verbs and adverbs to describe what the characters do in the story to make the main character laugh. They are very excited to write their final version of the story next week! 



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