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A Year 2 Class Post

This week in Year 2…

We have really enjoyed filming our Christmas Performance songs this week.

In English we have been reading the Australian story ‘Possum Magic’. This story is about a possum who has to eat a variety of human foods to try and become visible again. The children have really enjoyed reading and acting out this story. They have also written some fantastic diary entries where the children put themselves in the shoes of the main character Hush. They have impressed us with their use of vocabulary (e.g. gobbled, devoured) and verbs and adverbs (e.g. gracefully flew) in their writing.

Possum Magic: Amazon.co.uk: Fox, Mem: Books


In maths we have continued to build upon our knowledge of money to find the difference between amounts, find the total value and find the change.

The children have also been exploring Renoir’s umbrella painting as part of of our art. We are going to be developing a range of painting skills to help us recreate this art work in the style of aboriginal art.

We are also all really looking forward to Christmas dinner/jumper day next Wednesday.

The Umbrellas (Renoir) - Wikipedia

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