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A Year 3 Class Post

This week in Year 3…

We’ve been busy being non-fiction authors over the last couple of weeks. Last week the children took great care and pride in publishing their non-chronological reports on Mountains in the UK, making connections with their Geography learning about human and physical features.

In Maths we have been continuing to improve our times tables knowledge and are learning to apply this to division and word problems.

Our real ‘WOW’ moment this week was when we investigated magnets in Science. It was great to see the excitement of the children exploring what happened when they put the different poles together or finding out how many split pins a small magnet can hold. They couldn’t wait to share with each other and us, what they were finding out!

Christmas is coming to Year 3 and we are beginning to feel festive….decorations are going up and we are looking forward to some Christmas crafts in the next couple of weeks!

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