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A Year 5 Class Post

Traditional tales and Space!

We have a busy week in Year 5 this week exploring traditional tales and learning about John Henry who is a famous town hero who sacrificed his life to save his town people, jobs and lives. We learnt about the features in traditional tales and began planning our own Traditional Tale of John Henry. As a class, we participated in Hot Seating and interviewed different Polly-Anne’s, John Henry, in the class to get her perspective of the story of the bittersweet tragedy that happened to her town and husband. We understood that we had to think about asking in depth questions about how she must feel, her opinions and thoughts of different events of the tale. It was fun hearing our class mates perspectives of how they interpreted the story and characters.


In Science, our learning journey into Space continued… Last science lesson, we discovered why there was day and night and how shadows are created! We performed an experiment to understand why shadows are created and discovered that shadows are formed when an opaque object or material is placed in the place of a light source, we used light torches, selected objects and black paper to create shadows. We observed that the closer the object is to the light source, the bigger the shadow and made the connection that as the Earth rotates on its axis, shadows get longer in the afternoon as the Earth’s position towards and away from the sun changes! This was a fascinating fact as some scientists in our classes thought shadows got skinnier and longer in the afternoon because the sun moves away which is a misconception! In science this week, we learnt about the moon orbiting around the earth and how there are different phrases of the moon depending on its reflection of the sun’s light.

In Art we practised our proportional drawing techniques by creating a human body proportion drawing splitting our sketchbooks in 8 then we carefully sketched out each body part of the sculpture. Have a look at our wonderful sketches!

In PE enrichment today we started our new activities, Walnut started boccia, kurling and archery and Maple will start Capture the flag/Dodgeball. It was fun as we have not played these activities since year 4!

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