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A Year 5 Class Post

Using our force!

This week in Science, we investigated the force acting on an object by using the Newton metres and scales to determine if there was a relationship between mass and force! Our results show that for every 100g, there is 1Newton of force! Some of our groups investigated how heavy our reading books or fruit was and found that 1kg= 10N!

In DT, we continued our design process for creating our own designer bags and had a look at different textiles, fastenings and stitching types that we could use to create our bag. We were very fortunate to have Ms Thrussell bring in her sewing machine which we will be using when constructing our bags. She demonstrated how the sewing machine can be used to join fabric together. Jaylon in Walnut thought of a clever purpose for the fabric she sewed together, a brand new invention- a sausage bag!

Problem solving is our PE unit for this term and we worked collaboratively as a group to play Around the clock where each group gets a suit of cards and have to work in silence to place them in order by using team work skills and our memory skills! It was a challenge but we found that we got faster and worked more successfully every round.

In English, our learning journey started with revising our Cinquain knowledge from last year then exploring World War poems. Using Flanders’ Fields and Where the poppies now lay for inspiration, we created our own sentimental Cinquain poem about the war.



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