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A Year 3 Class Post

Using subordinating conjunctions

In Year 3, we have started using conjunctions such as because, as and since to extend our sentences and add detail. Year 3 watched a video all about climbing prodigy Brooke Raboutou (this links with our upcoming Geography learning about mountains). We then wrote sentences about Brooke using subordinating conjunctions. Here are some brilliant examples from Ash and Elm class:


Brooke is an amazing climber because she is only eleven years old. (Joseph, Elm)

Brooke is an amazing climber since she has beaten older children. (Olive, Elm)

Brooke has very strong fingers as she climbs so much. (Audrey, Elm)

Brooke loves rock-climbing because her parents bought her a gym. (Ariel, Ash)

Brooke is good at rock-climbing since she practises a lot. (Fabio, Ash)

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