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A Year 5 Class Post

Visiting Biome rainforests!

Year 5 Geographers have been exploring all the Biomes in the world. This week, we explored Tropical rainforests and learnt that:

1. Rainforests need SUNLIGHT and WATER to grow.
2. There is a lot of sunlight on the Equator because the Sun’s rays are concentrated in that area.
3. There is a lot of rain on the Equator because it is warm and there is low air pressure. These are ideal conditions for evaporation, which in turn creates lots of rain.

We visited five different tropical rainforest biomes and created our own Tropical rainforest biome with our learning partner using cardboard, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, paper straws, paint and cotton buds.

We really enjoyed being creative and using our learning of rainforests to create our biome!

“I enjoyed making my own biome as we could create and make our own materials to make the different features such as the largest tree out of newspaper and crepe paper.” – Melody

“When I was making our rainforest, I knew that the trees, plants, greenery are layered in the different 4 layers of the rainforest!” – Charlie

“We included a waterfall and trees because when we visited the Amazon rainforest we saw a waterfall!” –Warwick

“We made a tribe that gathered around a fire in a rainforest because in the rainforest we visited there were tribes!” – Amelia

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