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A Year 5 Class Post

Volume and Distance

In Maths this week, we started our exploration of volume. We have been practising working out how many cubes different shapes and cuboids have by counting and calculating. Our times tables have come in handy again! We also extended our practice by making different shapes and then working in groups to compare volumes and arrange our shapes in ascending and descending order of volume.


In English we have got to the end of the epic tale of Macbeth – ambition, greed, murder, ghosts, divine punishments and fab swordfights. We’ve all loved it! Next week we will be creating our own versions of the classic story with class books, which we’re very much looking forward to sharing with you. We will also begin building our own set models, after spending our art lesson this week exploring the elements of sets and looking at examples from real life productions.


In computing, we continued to apply our spreadsheet skills, creating a tool to convert our daily step counts into distances travelled. This provided a neat opportunity to revisit our converting units skills from Maths two weeks ago, as we built in formulae to convert the distances into metres, kilometres and centimetres.


We hope everyone had a good Bank Holiday and enjoys the sunshine this weekend.

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