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A Year 5 Class Post

Walnut’s Snow fun and learning!

We have had fabulous, frosty week in the snow!

We finished our Christmas stories where our characters went on an adventure and created a mini book for Year 1 children to read.

During our ERIC session, we went down to Year 1 Birch and read our stories to the children.

“I really liked reading to Year 1 because it was my own story and they loved it!” – Lily L

“I felt like an adult reading my own story to my year 1 buddy, she enjoyed listening to my Christmas adventure.” -Denny

Today, we created finished constructing our DT bags and LOVE them! We practised our designing, cutting, measuring, evaluating what tools to use to join our textiles and fastenings. Miss Mai is very proud of our resilience and end products after practising our  pattern cutting and stitching last few lessons.

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