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A Year 5 Class Post

We are Year 5 learners!

This week at outcome, Year 5 showcased all the activities and learning we have been doing this Autumn term.

We decided to share with the school and our parents a selection of the activities we have been participating in class to add to our learning journey across the curriculum including:

Mathematicians sharing our Fractions knowledge

Scientists sharing our Forces and Spaces learning and journey

Religious learners going on a pilgrimage at school and comparing Judaism and Christianity life events and celebrations

Geographers locating, discovering and understanding The Andes in South America by creating our own travel brochure

Digital learners creating spreadsheets

Historians learning about Ancient Greece and The Maya civilization

Designers in DT designing and creating our bags fit for a purpose

We hope you enjoyed our Autumn outcome and we are excited to learn more before Christmas break!



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