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A Year 6 Class Post


Hello again!

The weather continues to be wonderful. The children were delighted to receive your lovely letters this morning during breakfast, paving the way for a great time at Blackgang Chine. As expected, the flumes proved extremely popular with many of our intrepid bunch. As usual, Mr Burgess wore sunglasses on his descent to disguise his tightly-shut eyes.

We saw the effects of coastal erosion first hand and discussed the impact that this would ultimately have on the Chine itself. Again, the children were a pleasure to be with and, after a healthy and very welcome lunch, we all headed off to Dimbola Lodge to begin our fossil hunt. Steve, our guide, inspected each child’s offerings in turn and gave a detailed description of what they had actually found. Again… no T Rex skull, but we live in hope. The class really enjoyed the activity and came away with some lovely mementos. We were all delighted with their responses back at the Lodge to Steve’s talk and presentation of fossils, shark jaws and diplodocus poo! He complimented them as being his favourite class this year.

The forecast for our final full day is good once more: Alum Bay and Carisbrooke tomorrow!

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