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A Year 5 Class Post

Week 1 of summer term!

It has been lovely seeing all the Year 5 children again after the Easter break.
We have got off to an exciting start exploring the opening scenes of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We used props from the play to make predictions about what will happen and how Shakespeare might use symbols and objects to bring out his themes.  As well as tackling the challenge of reading a script from 500 years ago, the children have also been inspired in their own writing to produce spooky settings worthy of the Great Bard himself.
How will Macbeth act on the witches’ prediction that he will one day be king? It seems so impossible while there is a healthy king on the throne, with a healthy heir in line. We will be following Macbeth’s state of mind over the coming weeks to see how ambition and temptation affect him.
In geography we have been looking the Grassland biome and finding out what it looks like in different parts of the world. We have made flap books to record the results of our research, looking at different types of grassland around the world, what plants and animals live there and what threats this eco-system faces.
PE Enrichment
We also really enjoyed our first Friday afternoon session of rounders!
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