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A Year 5 Class Post

Week 3 – Rights and Responsibilites

PHSE- understanding our rights


In PHSE, we have been spending more time looking at what our rights are as children and how it is important for every child to be given those rights.

We have understood that we are not only entitled to basic rights such as being safe and looked after, we are also entitled to having freedom of speech and to have opportunities presented to us.

When we looked at our rights, we realised that Samuel Lucas not only provides us with these opportunities, but that we do more to  make sure we are always happy and enjoying learning.

Have a look at some of the examples we have come up with:

“Every person has a right to read! Samuel Lucas has a wide collection of books in the library!”  Florence

“We have the right to make friendships with your own choices at break time and lunchtime. They give us time to bond!” Frank


Maths -place value


We have been completing our annual visit to place value, working on rounding numbers, ordering and comparing numbers, writing numbers and representing numbers in a variety of ways.




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