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A Year 3 Class Post

Week 5/6

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of post last week, the computer just wasn’t playing ball for us. We will try our best to cover all the wonderful learning Year 3 have been doing over the last two weeks! In Science, we have been busy investigating the relationship between leg length and running speed. The classes had a great time running up and down the playground and timing each other. They found that long legs don’t always mean the quickest runner!


We also explored how muscles work. When do they relax and contract and how does this help us move. The class looked at models that they made of muscles as well as looking at their own muscles to investigate how the muscle changes shape.


We’ve also been busy with our final designs in Art. We are looking at animation and have created animals that we plan on taking pictures of to create movement. More of this to come next week when we have put the parts together and created backdrops to take pictures against.


We also celebrated National Poetry Day last Thursday. The poems that children wrote were all around refuge. The children wrote shape poems about their safe space. They then performed their poems to each other.




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