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A Year 2 Class Post

Week 5 Autumn 2

As writers we have planned and started writing our very own version of ‘Little Red’. We have changed parts of the story to make it our own (e.g. changing the characters, settings and ending).

Little Red: Amazon.co.uk: Woollvin, Bethan, Woollvin, Bethan:  9781561459179: Books


As mathematicians we have continued to learn about money, finding totals, finding change and finding the difference between amounts.

As historians we have explored how Gandhi influenced Martin Luther King as a civil rights leader. We then compared similarities and differences between the two of them.


As physical learners we have continued to develop our underarm throwing and catching and applying this to a range of games.

Both classes embraced their final Physical Enrichment for this term. Hawthorn class have used tennis rackets and balls to practise bouncing, hitting and retrieving the ball. Oak class have been scooting, cycling and body boarding!


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