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Weekly update – 14.1.19

This week:  We will be continuing with our Space topic. We will be moving on to think about how our mascots would get to space and how they would move around once they are up there! We will be watching a clip of a rocket launch, after which the children will each get to make their own rocket which they will be able to launch by attaching it to a straw and blowing it. We will be using lots of mathematical vocabulary to compare whose rocket has traveled the furthest, not so far and whose has remained the nearest to the launch pad! The children will also have the opportunity to make their own junk model rockets. Finally we will make mobilo moon buggies which we will test down a range of slopes and measure the distance they have traveled too.

At the end of all of this we will write our next sentence in our Mission Manual to let our class mascots know all about traveling to and around Space.

Phonics:  This week we will be learning the digraphs “th”, “ai” and “igh”. We will be focusing on the two different sounds that “th” makes – the harder sound at the beginning of words such as “the” and “that” and the softer sound in words such as “thorn” or “thistle”. Once again we will be encouraging the children to read and write words using these newly learnt digraphs.

Maths:  Aswell as making the most of all opportunities to discuss measuring distance that our main teaching affords us in our maths sessions we will be focusing on 2d and 3d shape. Aswell as being able to identify and name the 2d shapes – circle, triangle, rectangle and square and 3d shapes – cube, cuboid, cylinder and sphere we will be teaching the children to talk about their properties using the terms, pointy corners, straight sides, curved sides and faces.

You can help by:

Reading with your child every day and recording it in their reading record. Reinforcing the concept and vocabulary of near and far, when out and about. Asking your child to show you the songs and signs for our new sounds and seeing if they can hear the difference in the “th” sounds. Challenging your child to find different shapes around your house .. and most importantly explain to you how they know it’s a triangle, or a square etc. Can they describe it to you?

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