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A Reception Class Post

Weekly update – 21.01.19


This week:  We will be continuing with our Space topic. We will be using information books and the internet to find out lots of information about the planets our mascots might come across in Space. We will be comparing their size and distance from the sun. We will be learning a little about their similarities and differences. Which are hot? Which are cold? Which have rings? Which have spots?

At the end of all of this we will write our next sentence in our Mission Manual to let our class mascots know about the planets in Space.

On Wednesday we will be taking part in the whole school Cultural Diversity Celebration day.

Phonics:  This week we will be learning the digraphs “ee”, “oa” and “oo”. As with the “th” sound last week out “oo” sound can make two different sounds. A short “oo” in “book” or “shook” and a long “oo” in “food” or “mood.” We will be reading and writing words using our new phonic sounds.

Maths:  This week we are going to be recapping recognising and ordering the numbers 1-20.

You can help by:

Reading with your child every day and recording it in their reading record. Seeing what your child can remember about the planets that we have learnt about this week. Asking your child to show you the jolly phonics sign and sing the song. Playing any games such as snakes and ladders, or other simple board games that involve move up and down numbered spaces.

General notices

As the weather is getting chillier please could you ensure your child has a coat (and hat and gloves, if really chilly) in school each day.

In book bags on Friday we sent home a letter about “talk time” beginning this Friday. You will see, from the letter, this is for one group a week. Your children should know which group they are in but if you are in any doubt please just check with your child’s class teacher or look at the picture on their coat peg!


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