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A Reception Class Post

Weekly Update – 26.11.18

This week we are learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We will be using our “signs for story” to help retell the story and will be having a go at writing story maps. We will be making up our own stories inspired by the Gingerbread man and seeing if we can come up with our own repeated refrains. Following on from our work last week on rhyming we will be seeing if we can hear the words that rhyme throughout the story. We will be continuing to practice our Nativity play in readiness for you coming to see it in a couple of weeks!

In maths we will be beginning to add amounts together. We will be seeing how many gingerbread men we have on one tray, how many on another and then seeing how many we have altogether.

In phonics we will be practicing the standard formation of all the letters that we have learnt so far.

You can help by: Reading with your child every day and recording it in your child’s reading record. Encouraging your child to write their name and simple words whenever possible, for example jotting down items you need from the shop. You could look for opportunities to practice adding amounts with your child, for example if they have 6 grapes and you have 4 can they tell you how many altogether. See if your child can tell you how to make sure they don’t get in a muddle when they are counting groups of objects. We have been practising different ways!

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