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A Reception Class Post

Weekly update – 7.1.19

This week: We will be beginning our new topic all about Space. We will be imagining that our class mascots’ are going to be travelling into Space in six weeks and it is going to be our mission over this half term to find out all of the information they need to know in order to embark on their space mission. This week we will be finding out all about being an astronaut. What will they need to wear? What training do they need? We will be learning a little about the astronauts Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong.

At the end of each week the children will each be writing a sentence to go into our Mission Manual that we are preparing for our puppets. This will give the children chance to practice their letter formation and also sounding out words in order to be able to write them in a sentence.

Phonics:  This week we will be learning the digraphs qu,sh, and ch. We teach the children that these are “two letters but they make one sound.” We will be practicing reading and writing words with our new digraphs.

Maths:  This week we will be consolidating the importance of counting amounts carefully, using 1:1 correspondence and then moving on to adding two amounts together. We will be taking two amounts of “moon rocks”, counting the amount in each group and then seeing how many we have altogether.

You can help by:

Reading with your child every day and recording it in their reading record. Asking your child what they have been learning about in school and seeing what information they can remember about being an astronaut. Seeing if your child can remember the jolly phonics songs and action for our new digraphs. Making the most of any opportunities to add amounts together in everyday scenarios, such as when playing games, or sharing out food.

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