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Weekly Update


Our topic this half term is “Fireworks and Festivals”.

Last week we spoke about our experiences of fireworks day. We thought of lots of words to describe the sights and sounds of fireworks night and had a go at writing some of them. We created lots of artwork inspired by the fireworks we had seen. We also began learning how to play in our new shop role play areas.

In our maths sessions we were looking at different coins – 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p and finding different ways of paying for items. On Friday we also talked a little about Remembrance Day, observed a one minute silence and created some beautiful poppy artwork.

In our phonics sessions we learnt the sounds “ck”, “u” and “e” and the tricky words “I” and “to”.

This week we will be learning about the festival of Diwali that took place last week. We will be learning about the origins of the festival by reading the story of Rama and Sita. We will be creating lots of artwork, including Rangoli patterns and Mendhi patterns. We will also be making our own Diva lamps. We will be talking about the occasions that we celebrate within our families and looking at the similarities and differences between the different celebrations that we take part in.

In our maths sessions we will be looking at the numbers 11-20. We will be thinking about what the digits represent. ie: in 12 the 1 represents 1 ten and the 2 represents 2 units.

In our phonics sessions we will be learning the sounds “h”, “b” and “r” and the tricky words “the” and “into”.

You can help by: Reading with your child every day and recording it in their home learning book. Talking with your child about the celebrations that are important to you and your family and letting us know by filling in a “note from home” sheet. Using the phonics booklet you have to go over this week’s sounds. Making the most of any opportunity to aid your child’s number recognition, such as playing a board game with numbers on or looking at numbers on doors as you walk to and from school.

General notices.

As the weather gets a little chillier please could you ensure that your child has a coat in school with them every day? They do have free access to outside for most of the day.

We take great care to ensure your children are returned safely to you at the end of the day. In order to help us do this please could we ask that if your child has forgotten an item, or needs to go to the toilet after you have collected them, they are not sent back to the door until all of the other children have been sent out. It’s very difficult to keep track when we have children coming in and out of the door on their own. Thank you very much for your support with this.

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