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A Year 4 Class Post

Welcome back!

Hello all!

Welcome back to school! The children have been brilliant on our first week of in school learning. They have been busy showing us all the skills they have learned during their time at home and have begun learning some new topics too.

This week we have been building on their knowledge of myths and legends and have begun writing our own ones. We have a lot of weird and wonderful creatures featuring in our myths in Larch class and quite a few in Pine. We are going to continue writing these next week and after Easter, we will be creating pop up books of our stories.

We have also been exploring volcanoes and learning about how they are made. The children have been taking on the role of expert this week by creating models and posters explaining how volcanoes are made and including many interesting facts about them. Pine class have also been discussing the pros and cons of living near a volcano- using those debating skills to come up with a conclusion.

It has been so lovely to see them all after so long. We hope they have enjoyed their first week back at Samuel Lucas.

Miss Shepherd and Mrs Tarr

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