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A Year 5 Class Post

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Maple and Walnut for a fun-packed Spring Term.


English and Maths

The children have delved into our new book study – Polly Ho-Yen’s ‘Boy in the Tower’ – in English and into multiplication in Maths. We will be exploring the world of the mysterious Bluchers over the next 4 weeks, as well as using the book as a prompt for our own formal and creative writing. We will be creating our own newspaper reports about events in the book and also writing our well-paragraphed, suspenseful chapters. We will make sure our multiplications skills are secure before moving onto the inverse operation of dividing.



In Art we began our new topic – typography, identity and maps. We have learnt about the work of designer Louise Fili, and looked at different alphabets and how they make us feel. The Japanese food alphabet was fun and playful; the melting ice cube letters creepy and uncomfortable. We practised our drawing skills sketching and drawing items from the kitchen cupboard. Over the next few weeks, we will be practising designing our own fonts and letterings and then incorporate these design skills into mapping our identities.

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