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A Year 5 Class Post

Welcome Back!

A welcome back to all our Year 5 children after what was hopefully a relaxing half term break.

New Projects

After the break we are starting new topics across the board.

Maths: reviewing and moving forward with decimals. This week we began exploring place value columns to the right of the decimal point, and linking decimals back to our work before half term on fractions.

English: we began reading The Girl Who Stole An Elephant, getting to know our new characters – reckless but kind Chaya, careful Neel and privileged but protected Noor. We have been learning about the magnificent scenery of Sri Lanka where the book is set, and boosting our vocabulary in order to be able to describe the setting with the positive and extreme vocabulary its beauty deserves.

DT: Textiles exploration. We kicked off our design and make with textiles project exploring a range of bags in order to familiarise ourselves with a full range of materials, shapes, fastenings and purposes of bags. Perhaps you could look around your house for some bags (there’s always a surprising amount of them!) and have a go at describing what it’s made of, how it’s made and what it’s (really) for.

Computing: Game design. A popular unit every year! This week we evaluated games to dissect what is actually needed for a fun and satisfying game experience in terms of difficulty, reward and clarity of instructions.


It’s a busy half term as it’s so short, but we’re off to a great start!

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