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A Year 2 Class Post

World Book Day 2022!

What an amazing day Year 2 had celebrating world book day!

To start the day we all competed in the ‘masked reader’ quiz. We had to work out who the teacher reading was, the name of the book they were reading and the author! (e.g. Miss Riste read ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson).

Then we completed activities based on our class reading book:

Oak class have been reading ‘Mr Penguin’ by Alex T Smith so we created our own postcards from one of his adventures! We were lucky enough to follow a step-by-step instructional video by Alex T Smith to help us draw our own Mr Penguin.


Hawthorn class have been reading ‘Baby Aliens Got my teacher!’ The children enjoyed making a 3D book review in the shape of a pencil! They worked brilliantly in pairs and thought carefully about the plot, how many stars they should give it and what their favourite parts were.

To immerse ourselves in books, we then completed a World Book Day Scavenger hunt where we had to look through books in the classroom to find things like ‘a witch, porridge, a character shouting, a happy ending etc…’

In the afternoon we then explored the book ‘If the World were 100 people’ and then used the information in the story and our statistical maths skills to create our own block diagrams or pictograms.

The children then enjoyed their banana snack after talking about what they had drawn on their banana skins! We enjoyed a snuggly read to peaceful music, sharing our favourite stories with our friends. It was wonderful!


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