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A Year 6 Class Post

World War 1 – Trench Poetry 1917 in Watercolour

Beech class have been inspired by their new themed unit on WW1 in their English lessons.

After studying many poignant poems, they have used their learning in history and English to imagine the horror that must have taken place in the trenches of WW1.

A snippet of one poem, said this,

‘ Death is awaiting.

In a few moments,

Death will catch up with me,

Will I live or die?’


Another read,

‘I may not return,

As many fathers won’t.

Trapped in these trenches with disease and rats,

The clock counts down the days until my life is gone.’


In Art watercolour has been explored, with a focus on paint techniques. They looked at different brush marks they could make. They then used these learnt techniques to portray their poem in paint.



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