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Y1 home learning

This week our spellings are more common exception words: they, love, ask, once, put and house.

The children are very excited because this week marks the first time they are going to complete Black Book home learning.

Black Book Home Learning – Due in Thursday 5th March

Dear All Parents, Carers, Pupils and Potato Designers,

We would like every child within our school to decorate a potato as a book character from a story they have read or heard.

This is your chance to be as creative as you can in transforming a potato into something truly marvellous! There is plenty of inspiration (such as the photo below) online.

We will be showing our potatoes to other classes and there will be a prize awarded to the most inspirational designs within each year group. Potatoes will eventually be returned home for composting!

Image result for potato book characterSee the source image

We very much look forward to seeing your potato creations next Thursday.

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