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A Year 1 Class Post

Year 1 21.10.22

Birch Celebration

Writer of the Week: Rex, for trying his best to write his sentences about Autumn. Using all his sounds and finger spaces.

Maths Wizz: Isabel, for choosing to learn more about part whole models in our busy time.

Golden Book: Marianne, for making excellent choices during break and lunchtimes, being kind and safe and Archie, for always being ready to learn and helping others.

Hazel celebration

Write of the Week: Ottilie, writing a fantastic sentence about Autumn with adjectives.

Maths Wizz: Anaya, for working hard in her maths lessons.

Golden Book: Avery, being a kind helper and Alice, for listening carefully on the carpet and being ready to learn.

This week, Year 1 have been using all their learning around materials to create pirate ships and observing which ones floated and sunk. During Busy Time, some of the children have been choosing to do leaf printing. In English, we have been on an Autumn walk around the school and creating a fact file as to what happens during this season.



ar 1

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