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A Year 1 Class Post

Year 1 Autumn 1 Weeks 4 & 5

Hello everyone,

We are now halfway through the term and the children have been incredibly busy and are continuing to work really hard, making sure to try their best in all of their learning.

As part of our English learning we read a poem called ‘Big Green Crocodile’ by Jane Newberry.  In the poem, children heard words that rhyme as well as onomatopoeia (words that sound like their action).  They showed great listening skills as they has to rehearse and perform the poem with actions.  Here is a copy of the poem below, why not ask your child to see if they can perform it for you?  They also wrote about crocodiles using adjectives (describing words) and the conjunction (joining word) and making some super sentences.

The  children started researching information about pirates by reading a non-fiction book.  The children learnt that:

  • Non-fiction books contain facts,
  • They can be read in any order,
  • Non-fiction books might have a contents page (what is in the book), and
  • Non-fiction books might have a glossary (a list of words and their meanings).

As mathematicians, the children used number lines to demonstrate their learning about counting on, counting back and comparing numbers using less than, greater than and equal to.  They then spent some time considering how smaller numbers (parts) can add together to make a larger number (whole) using the part-whole model.  To represent this area of learning, the children used part-whole models and addition number sentences.

As scientists, the children continued to investigate materials and their properties.  They conducted two investigations with the help of Captain Hook and Smee from Peter Pan.  First, Captain Hook needed to know what material would be best choice of material to make a waterproof coat to wear on his pirate ship.  Secondly, Smee’s job was to keep the boat tidy and to find a material that would best absorb water from the deck.  The children made great predictions and came up with some good observations about which materials were waterproof and which absorbed the most water.

In RE, the children were learning to demonstrate what it means to be right, wrong, just and fair and to understand what charity is and how it relates to Christians at Harvest time.  They did this through looking at various charities and what they do to help those who need it.  They have also continued showing us what they have learnt about Harvest time in preparation for our Harvest Celebration.

As artists, the children have applied their printing, colour mixing and collaging skills throughout the child initiated learning (Explore More time) in lots of different ways.  They have also learnt about tints and shades and how to use white to lighten and black to darken colours to great effect.

Well done Hazel and Birch Classes – keep up the great work!

Mrs. Houlihan and Mr. French

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