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A Year 1 Class Post

Year 1 Autumn 2 Week 1

We have had a fantastic week of learning back in Year 1 after our half term!

In English, this week we have begun to explore stories with repetitive phrases. We read the story Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett and performed a Whoosh with the actions of the animals in the story. We used our sequencing skills to help us to order the story and then planned our own version of Monkey and Me, changing the animals from the original tale. We came up with actions to help us practice our own versions and were very brave to perform them in front of the rest of the class.

Monkey and Me : Gravett, Emily: Amazon.co.uk: Books

This week in maths we continued to develop our addition skills. We learnt about ‘first, then, now’ stories and applied our knowledge of number bonds to them. We came up with our very own ‘first, then, now’ addition stories to share with the class. For example, “First, the postman delivered 3 letters. Then, he delivered 4 more. Now I have 7 letters.” and “First I made 2 cakes. Then, I made 2 more. Now, I have 4 cakes!”. We used these stories to help us count on to find the answer.

In Geography, we are exploring the United Kingdom. This week, we learnt about London. We found London on a map of England, discovered some of the famous landmarks in the city, and some of us shared our own experiences of visiting London. Our task was to create a map of the London landmarks for our friends to use if they were to travel there. We used maps and pictures of landmarks like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Gherkin, to draw and label these famous sites in the correct places on our maps.

In science, we started our topic on Seasons. This week we shared all that we knew about the four seasons and did some lovely activities to explain the weather in each season, what trees look like across the year, and some of the objects that are associated with each season.

We learnt about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita in RE and made our own Diwali lamps out of clay.

In History, we learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We used our historical investigation skills to explore the artefacts and evidence. As historians, we looked at three pieces of evidence and weighed up which would be the best clue in finding out what had happened: a letter written to Lord Monteagle, a signed confession from Guy Fawkes, or a lamp that the plotters left under the Houses of Parliament. We made some fantastic observations about these!!

We also began our new blocks of Friday PE enrichment. Hazel are enjoying riding bikes, scooters and body boards, while Birch are having a Hoola Hoop disco.


Next week:

  • In English, we will be planning, editing and publishing our own versions of Monkey and Me.
  • In Maths, we will be beginning to look at subtraction problems.
  • In Science, we will be looking at the changes that happen in Autumn.
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