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A Reception Class Post

Year 1 Spring Term 2018 Overview

In English we will be writing our own non-chronological reports about Tower Bridge, we will be reciting and creating poems, writing instructions and our very own stories.

In Maths we will continue developing our understanding of numbers to 20 and the related addition and subtraction facts. We will also start to explore different types of measurement such as length and height, time and mass.

In Science we will continue investigating seasonal changes. We will also be focusing on materials and their properties. We will be developing our prediction skills, observation skills and investigation skills to identify and classify materials.

In Computing we will continue to develop our understanding of e-Safety. We will also be learning how to use the internet to search for images. We will use this skill to help us create our very own PowerPoint presentations.

Our theme this term is called ‘Amazing Places and Spaces in the UK’. In our theme we will be exploring the United Kingdom and the countries within it. We will learn about each country’s flag, capital city, national flower, physical/human landmark and its saint.

In RE we are looking at identity and belonging, asking questions about the symbols and actions that come with each community we may belong to. We will also explore how different communities welcome new life.

In gymnastics we will be learning how to bounce, jump and land safely. We will also be exploring how to use different parts of our body to make shapes.

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