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A Reception Class Post

Year 1 Summer Term 2018 Overview

Our theme this term is ‘Field to Fork’.  We are lucky enough to be visiting a working farm and taking part in the ‘field to fork’ experience which will provide us with lots of information and questions for us to explore over the coming weeks.

In History we will be exploring the history of farming and how it has changed over time.

As part of our DT we are looking forward to learning about healthy foods and keeping a balanced diet as well as where food comes from. We will become food tasters and experience a range of fruit and vegetables from around the world.  Finally, we will be able to use all of the knowledge and skills we have learnt to design, prepare, cook and eat a meal!

In Geography we will follow the journey of food from the farm to the supermarket and the process it goes through before we eat it at home.

As scientists we will be learning about the parts of a plant, their given features and the best environment for a plant to grow in.

In art we will be capturing digital images and using these to create own of still life images.

We will be reading, analysing and writing our own traditional tales in English and focussing on multiplication, division and fractions within Maths.

We are very excited for our learning this term and this is just a sneak peak of what we will cover!

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