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A Year 2 Class Post

Year 2 are Wondrous Writers!

Year 2 have worked extremely hard this Autumn term and have produced a variety of high quality texts! We are so proud of all the progress they have made in such a short amount of time! Please take some time to read this blog and discover the learning journey that the children have been on.

We are Diary writers:

First we explored the text Rapunzel by Bethan Woolvin and discussed what our favourite parts of the story were.

“This was my favourite part of the story because I liked when she dressed up and became a witch hunter.” – Jasmin

“This was my favourite part of the story because I liked it when Rapunzel teases the witch because she lied about where the leaf in her hair came from.” – Arlo

Then we learnt what expanded noun phrases are (adjectives) and used this skill to help us describe the forest that Rapunzel goes to (e.g. Rapunzel was sat in the tallest green tree.)

After that we discovered what a conjunction is (words liked and, because, so) and wrote sentences about the text using conjunctions.

“Next we had to learn about what diaries need like dear diary and time words.” – Meg

We then used all of the skills learnt to write and publish our own diary entries!

We are very proud to have our learning journey displayed in the school gallery!

We are story writers:

First we read the text ‘Ten delicious teachers’ by Ross Montgomery.

“The nursery teacher is my favourite character in the story.” – Naina

“I love the sneaky monsters in the story. They keep finding ways to get the teachers.” – Holly-Mae


“Then we learnt how to use adjectives to describe the nouns (monsters).” – Anna

“After that we used verbs in a sentence to describe the teachers in the story.” – Byron

“Creating verbs helped us to write our own version of the story.” – Lucy

“Next we got to use our own imagination to plan our story.” – Sammy

“We got to be so creative!” – Toby

Finally we wrote and published our Four Delicious Teacher stories.

“I liked using teachers in the school to write my story.” – Aiden


We are report writers:

First we explored the text ‘Sharks’ to discover what a non-fiction text is like.  Then we discovered the features of reports.

“Then we learnt how to write how to write statements and questions.” – Celia

We then practised creating different features of reports like captions, labels, diagrams and fact boxes.

Finally we used all of our learnt skills to write and publish our own non-fiction reports all about Habitats.

“We had to learn how to write fact boxes, labels and captions. I really enjoyed writing a glossary too!” – Nicholas

“I love that we get to read each other’s books.” – Rowan





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