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A Year 2 Class Post

Year 2 Autumn Update

Our theme this term is called ‘Exciting Egyptians’. We will be exploring many aspects of Ancient Egypt including hieroglyphics, Egyptian art, the River Nile, Pharaohs and pyramids.

We will be travelling down the Nile to look at the importance of water to Egyptian society and even create our own ‘shaduf’, an ancient way of collecting water from a river. We will learn how to write in hieroglyphics, create Egyptian style self-portraits and make a pectoral jewel from clay. In History we will learn about the importance of Pharaohs with a focus on Tutankhamun.

In Science we will learn about the 7 life processes. We will classify living and non-living things, group animals in various ways, look at the life-cycles of animals and humans, and learn how to stay healthy. In Computing we will be investigating computer games and thinking about how the computer designers created them. We will also be programming toys using algorithms. Throughout our Computing lessons we will focus on many aspects of E-safety. In RE we will be looking at the signs and symbols of different religions and in the second half of the term we will focus on Christmas.

During our English lessons we will be using our reading and writing skills to write our own traditional tales. We will also be writing explanation texts and poetry based on Ancient Egypt. Throughout our English lessons we will focus on grammatical and spelling aspects, including the past tense and verbs.

In Numeracy we will continue to develop our knowledge of number to 100 and use these skills to solve mathematical problems. We will become confident writing addition and subtraction number sentences and be able to identify and continue number patterns. We will learn how to measure to the nearest cm and be able to sort and name polygons and 3D shapes.

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