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A Year 3 Class Post

Year 3 Outcome!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Year 3 Outcome yesterday! We had some fantastic learning on display.

In Ash class, we showed our excellent Easter Egg box structures, complete with decorated eggs inside! We showed the learning journey – first we explored box structures, then we practised our skills and finally we designed our own boxes. In English, we wrote instruction texts to explain how we created our boxes. We also showed our geography learning all about landscapes – we have been exploring the journey and features of a river. Last lesson we used our investigation skills to explore how water changes landscapes. Our RE Easter Story comic strips were on display – we collaborated in small groups to read and understand this important Christian story.

In Elm class, we set up some of the Science experiments from our light topic. We have been developing our investigation skills this term and have focused on recording our results in tables. Our Barbara Hepworth-inspired sculptures were also on display, which showed our use of new sculpting skills such as carving, moulding and cutting. In computing, we showed how we can navigate spreadsheets and turn data into different types of chart.

It has been a fantastic term of learning and we look forward to the Summer term!

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