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A Year 3 Class Post

Year 3 Summer Term Overview

Hope you’ve had a nice Easter and we look forward to a busy and sunny Summer Term.

In English we are continuing to practise our story writing skills by writing our own animal adventure story. Later in the term we will be extending our non-fiction writing skills by writing a recount of our Iron Age school trip.

In Maths this term we are continuing to focus on mastery, helping the children to extend and apply their knowledge to fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

In Science we are exploring magnets and forces, with lots of hands on experiments. In the second half of the term we will be moving onto plants, examining their different parts and functions.

During our Computing lessons we are exploring the History of Hitchin by creating our own information book through PowerPoint. We will be learning to create hyperlinks, embed videos and use animations.

In History we are scrutinising the Iron Age and what life was like then, which will culminate with our school trip to dress up and take part in the Iron Age Warrior Day.

In Geography we are focusing on our fieldwork skills with lots of hands on practical activities.

In Art we are looking at the British Artist David Hockney, examining his art work through the ages by learning and replicating his techniques to create our own pieces of art.

Throughout our RE lessons this term we will be building positive relationships by learning more about Christianity and Islam.

We are looking forward to a packed and exciting Summer Term.

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