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A Year 3 Class Post

Year 3s Busy Week

We hope you all enjoyed last week’s activities. We have seen lots of fantastic obstacle courses in living rooms and gardens, and cardinal cones too. Tora did a great job with the cardinal cones in school, she even helped a year 1 join in too! I’m sure your communication and team building skills have all improved.

Your persuasive letter writing has been fantastic, we’ve chosen a few to share with you. There were so many great ones it was hard to choose the ones to post! You’ve all stated clearly what the letter is about and what outcome you would like.



We hope that you are taking time to also keep your minds happy and healthy, whether that’s staying active or being creative!

Miss Clapp and her team, Saracens, are completing a challenge of virtually travelling around the word in 7 days, to raise money for NHS and Military charities. She is planning on cycling 100 miles this week!

Mrs Winstanely has been busy, camping in her garden with her children, watching all of the Star Wars films in order and felting a hare. She has also discovered how to make a microwave mug cake! Mmmm!

Have a great week!


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